In 1953 the company was founded by Hugh Granger. He started with a tray top truck doing small local jobs & also a general freight and return service to Sydney. In 1962 Hugh married Pam and together they build Grangers Freight Lines into the region’s largest freight company.

The growth of the business took many different avenues, including crane salvage work and furniture removal business. The salvage business took form due the conditions of the time, with old roads and poor break systems being common place all across Australia, truck accidents were frequent. The furniture removals and freight side of the business quickly grew to accommodate three trucks and six employees, which was a major factor in the success of Grangers Freight Lines.

During the early 1980’s (and as roads and vehicle technology improved), Hugh decided to wind down the salvage part of the business and he sold the furniture side of the company to focus solely upon freight and goods transportation. The Freight sector of the company was rapidly growing and required the full attention of Hugh Granger, so he could continue to provide the high level of service his many customers had come to expect from Grangers Freight Lines.

In 2003 Grangers Freight Lines celebrated its 50th year of service and saw the beginning of a new era. Hugh decided after half a century of loyal service to his community and beyond, that it was time to retire. He handed over the running of the business to his three sons, Peter, Rodney and Michael.

The Granger boys continue to run the company with the benefits of new technological advances but under the same values and standards that Hugh had set down for them through 50 years of hard work.

Hugh sadly passed away on Janurary 30, 2006 at the age of 72. Although he is sorely missed, his legacy and dream are still alive and stronger than ever.

Pam Granger still maintains an involvement in the company as owner & director and together with Peter, Rodney, Michael and their dedicated team are taking Grangers Freight Lines in their 60th year in 2013 and have ensured the business will continue to prosper long into the future.


Over 60 years of history

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Head Office: 12-16 Oxley Street Goulburn NSW 2580 au

Our expert team have been working together for decades. Well regarded and well known they are qualified to handle all of your transport and storage needs.

Our team members under take regular training to maintain their high skill level and many have completed certificates in their areas. From Business and administration to professional driving  and logistics & storage management, we are ready to help you now.

Put your trust in a proven and dedicated team with a track record of over 65 years.

Grangers Freight Lines prides themselves on their strong commitment to customer service and care in handling all jobs, big or small.

Our Mission is to provide timely and efficient transport of goods for our clients without inconvenience or issue. We also endeavor to forge strong relationships with all of our customers through direct communication.

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